Runes of Gallidon: A. D.

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Ike Lockhart set out to look for his mentor and guardian, Renaldo,who had decided to go treasure hunting near a dragon’s burial site. Ike went down King’s Road and came to the trading city of Winterhaven. After asking around at the tavern, Eilian the Old draws out a map to the area Ike is seeking.

After an encouter with kobolds outside of town, Ike finds the burial site is now a steep-sided crater. Across the crater he sees a sinister apparition. Growing nervous at the sight of monsters inside the crater. Ike rushes into battle with a suspicious gnome skulk named Agrid, who tries not so successful trick Ike into thinking that they were just treasure hunters.

After defeating Agrid the gnome cries in his defeat the name Kalarel. Ike finds Renaldo under a blanket tied up and gagged by Agrid. Renaldo tells Ike the treasure they were looking for was a mirror to use in a dark magic ritual.

Ike went back to Winterhaven with Renaldo with Agrid as their captive once in town they find the town they came to is empty and the townspeople are fearful. After taking Agrid to jail, Ike investigates the situation and Vathrun the Prescient the town’s sage, after seeing the mirror Ike carried, tells the story of the Sir Keegan. Keegan was man meant to keep the the seal on the Shadowfell closed. Driven insane by the hallucinations the keep cause him he killed his family and fellow soldiers before drinking a vial of poison himself after coming to his senses.

Valthrun then asks Ike to help rid the town of Kalarel. Ike then bid farewell to Renaldo and Winterhaven as he did the town sent a cleric Isla Shepard to help him in his quest.

The Shadowfell Keep was an unsettled pile of rumble with a set of stairs leading down into the abyss. Within the twists and turns of the Labyrinth, Ike found goblins and traps. Inside one of the goblin holding cells was a clever goblin named Splug. Splug offers Ike his graditute by being Ike’s servant. And with Splug’s help the small party was able to trick the other goblins.

Along the way, in a battle with undead Basteel a cleric of Pelor and Aelix Maser, sorceror of the mind happened upon Ike and his party. The five joined forces and ventured to the final levels of the of the keep


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