Runes of Gallidon: A. D.

Journey toThunderspire Mountain

Ike Lockhart, Aelix Maser and Bastil return to Winterhaven and are greeted with a hero’s welcome. after sell the treasures they gathered in the Shadowfell Keep they re-examined the the cylinder that was in the gelatinous cube. Inside they found a letter from the leader of the bloodreavers. After examining it they decide to go on another adventure together to rid Nentir Vale from these slavers.

Aelix let Ike that he was a creature known as a changling. Bastil being Aelix’s childhood friend knew this already about him. Ike tried to show Renaldo, but soon realized that Aelix like showing just anyone the powers of his birthright.

After a day’s travel they came to the town of Fallcrest. And stayed at the Silver Unicorn.


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